Spirituality and Religiosity: theoretical and applied aspects

Szczecin, June 22-23 2020

During two days of the Conference, we will enjoy three keynote speakers’ lectures and many talks from scientists both from Poland and abroad. There will be thematic sessions and poster presentations, displaying the latest research as well as theoretical and practical reflections. During the Conference, we will provide translation from and to the English language.

We propose the following areas for presentations:

  • Methodology of psychological research on religiosity 
  • Functions of religiosity and spirituality for somatic and psychological health
  • Psychological analysis of religious experience
  • Quality of life and religiosity
  • Psychology of new religious movements
  • Psychological aspects of meditation and mindfulness
  • Religious ways of coping.
  • New trends in psychology of religion and spirituality
  • Cultural context of religiosity and spirituality

During the Conference, we offer a short sightseeing trip with the guide (and translator) around Szczecin. For those interested, we offer a possibility of taking part in a cultural event (concert hall/opera house) before the beginning of Conference (Sunday 18.10.2020).

Scientific committee: 

prof. dr hab. Zdzisław Kroplewski – chair of the scientific committee
prof. dr hab Halina Grzymała-Moszczyńska 
prof. dr hab. Jolanta Miluska
dr hab. Romuald Jaworski, prof. UKSW 
dr hab Dariusz Krok, prof. UO
dr hab. Beata Zarzycka, prof KUL
dr hab. Katarzyna Skrzypińska, prof. UG
dr Małgorzata Szcześniak
dr Celina Timoszyk-Tomczak

Host committee:

dr Roman Szałachowski – chair of the host committee
mgr Magdalena Kerestey – secretary
mgr Agata Hiacynta Świątek – secretary
dr Joanna Pracka
dr Celina Timoszyk-Tomczak
dr Małgorzata Kulik
mgr Anna Sołtys

Deadline for the submission of abstracts: 
Information about the accepted abstracts:  

Conference fee

Type of participation Fee 
Active access to the talks and conference materials, coffee and lunch, formal dinner 500 pln (120 euro)
Active – students and PhD students access to the talks and conference materials, coffee and lunch, formal dinner 300 pln (70 euro)
Passive access to the talks and coffee breaks 100 pln (25 euro)