Spirituality and Religiosity: theoretical and applied aspects

Szczecin, June 22-23 2020

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

 Due to the still uncertain situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to reschedule the conference once again. The group responsible for the conference decided that the conference on Psychology of Religion and Spirituality (which was to be held in Szczecin in October) will be postponed – this time to June 2021.

All submitted applications remain valid. A specific date will be set in March 2021.
We apologize for any inconvenience related to another term change.

On behalf of the conference organizers with respectfully,
prof. dr hab. Zdzisław Kroplewski
director of the Institute of Psychology
University of Szczecin

The International Conferences on Psychology of Religion and Spirituality are organized bi-annually in different Polish Scientific Centers, with previous editions in Gdańsk, Lublin, Kraków, and Opole. This year we invite you to take part in the V International Conference of Polish Society for Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, which will happen in June 2021 in Szczecin.

The goal of the Conference is to allow an exchange of thoughts and ideas in the subject of the psychology of religion and spirituality, as well as to promote research in this area. We aim at creating space for meeting representatives not only of psychology but also sociology, medicine, philosophy, pedagogy, theology, social work, history, and all interested in research on religion, spirituality, health, and social relations.

This meeting will be organised by two entities:

Polish Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality (PSPRS, pol. PTPRiD) (https://ptprid.pl/pl/),

Institute of Psychology, University of Szczecin (http://www.whus.pl/pl/o-wydziale/instytuty-i-katedry/instytuty/instytut-psychologii/o-instytucie/ 

 The Conference will take place in the Department of Social Sciences facility – Krakowska 71-79, Szczecin.


Honorable patronate